Czechs of Chicagoland
Malynne Sternstein

This wonderful book depicts how the Czech community and its great leaders, benevolent societies, and charitable and social organizations have shaped and continue to shape the course of Chicago's history. Its 127 pages are filled with over 200 images of the Czech people in Chicago. A copy can be yours for any donation of $20.00 or more. (Please include $3.00 for shipping if desired).

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Czechoslovak Heritage Museum,
Library and Archives

Experience the rich culture and tradition of
Czech, Slovak and Moravian heritage.

Founded in 1974, this Czech and Slovak Museum is home to a variety of beautiful artifacts that focus on the culture, heritage and history of what is now the Czech and Slovak Republics. The library and archives offers a wealth of historical books and has become a valuable resource for information on genealogy, customs, art, traditions and history. The casual visitor is certain to enjoy the displays of colorful folk costumes, paintings, garnets, hand cut crystal and other artifacts.

Hand decorated Easter eggs (kraslice) are displayed, illustrating various techniques of egg decoration.

Life sized portrait of Thomas G. Masaryk, first president of  Czechoslovakia. Shown riding on his favorite mount Hector with the castle at Lany in the background, this oil portrait was painted by František Hornik.

Beautiful Modra ceramics from Slovakia.

Couple from Vlčnov, Moravia dressed in their Svatebni Kroje (Wedding Dress).

Wooden plates and cups made in Czechoslovakia with scenes from "Prodaná Nevěsta". The Bartered Bride) by Bedřich Smetana. This famous opera is written in the Czech language.

Pieces by the famed Czech sculptor Albin Polasek. Also in the museum is a bust of T. G. Masaryk and a bust of the Slovak National Hero Milan R. Štefánik done by A. Polasek.

Antique hand-carved puppets. In the late 18th and 19th centuries, puppetry was the only form of theatre that traveled and performed in small villages in the Czech lands.

Presenting two of the 17 Bohemian, Moravian and Slovak Kroje (Folk Costumes) displayed in the museum.

Painted small wooden cask and cups. Other decorated furniture and objects are also on display.

Tea service typical of the Domažlice area of Bohemia. Bright painted flowers-poppies, stalks of wheat and daisies on a white or black background.

Suggested Donation for admission:
$5.00 per person
$3.00 for seniors and students
$10.00 per family
$3.00 per person in groups(5 or more)

Museum hours:
By appointment.

Genealogy Library hours
Tues 10AM – 1PM
Friday 10AM – 1PM

The museum is located at:
122 W. 22nd Street
Oak Brook, Illinois

Our museum collection includes:

  • Czech, Slovak and Moravian Costumes
  • Dolls and Puppets
  • Crystal and Ceramics
  • Needlework dating from 1850
  • Sculptures and Other Art
  • Religious Statues and Prayer Books
  • Historical Items
  • Records of CSA and other societies that merged with us over the years.