Fraternal Benefit Society

CSA Fraternal Life is America's oldest fraternal benefit society, and was established to help those in need. Formerly the Czechoslovak Society of America, CSA was founded in 1854 on the principles of equality, harmony and fraternity. From our Home Office in Lombard, Illinois, we service our 24,000+ members spread throughout 64 lodges in 21 states.

When an individual buys an insurance or annuity product from CSA, they become a member, and are eligible for all the fraternal benefits we provide. In addition there are many programs and activities on the local, regional and national levels in which members can participate, many of which are described on this page. Members belong to lodges and are encouraged to involve themselves in that core unit's organization and functions, including charitable opportunities.

CSA encourages participation in lodge functions but it is completely voluntary. Our purpose includes these intentions:

to Foster fraternity, charity, and patriotism among its members;

to Promote the social, recreational and spiritual welfare of its members and mankind in general;

to Encourage its members to practice physical fitness and to cooperate with and support organizations promoting such programs;

to Encourage and support every effort to perpetuate the Czech and Slovak heritage, language, and customs;

to Promote and support all activities and principles as befits a fraternal society.

  • Miss National CSA Contest

    This year, three young women competed for the title of Miss National CSA. The competition, held at our annual Get-Together in Cedar Rapids, IA featured contestants speaking and answering questions from judges. Questions are devoted to lifestyle, education, hobbies, future goals, and other subjects of interest.

    Sis. Hunter Rae Yurkovich of Lodge Groveton #4 was crowned Miss National CSA for 2019-20. Hunter is 21 years old and resides in Coraopolis, PA. She is 5'4" tall with brown hair and green eyes. She is a CSA Scholarship recipient and has participated in two previous Miss CSA Contests, where she was voted Miss Congeniality twice among her peers. She takes classes at Carlow University where she is pursuing a degree in Nursing. Hunter attends monthly lodge meetings and volunteers actively with other members. She was awarded the 2018 Kropik Scholarship and participated in the 2018 Quadrennial Convention. Her future goal is to be a traveling pediatric nurse, as well as travel internationally for leisure. Eventually she plans to return to school for her master's degree in Nursing or in Education so she can teach. Hunter currently works at UPMC Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh.

    You can keep up with Hunter's activities and travels through her monthly Journal articles and on our Facebook page. She will be our traveling Good Will Ambassador as she visits lodges, festivals, parties, and other fraternal activities.

  • Scholarship Program

    Student-members meeting requirements are awarded scholarships based on grade point average, college placement scores, CSA and extracurricular activities, and essays. Scholarships also can be awarded to students seeking a certification in a trade school or other professional program of study..

    Bro. Jonathan Varga of Lodge Laurel #452 received the 2019 Best of Class Award of $4,000. Jonathan will be attending the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT where he plans to major in Manufacturing Engineering and Management.

    CSA Scholarships are awarded for one year, provided the student earns a 3.0 or higher grade point average and meets insurance and application requirements.

  • Kropik Scholarship

    This $1,000 scholarship is funded by the Papuga/Kropik family and is awarded to a CSA member who has gone above and beyond in coordination and participation in his or her lodge's charitable causes. Based on the student's record of volunteer work and fraternal good works within our organization, her lodge, and her local community, Sis. Emily Nejdl of Lodge Prokop Velky #137 has won the 2019 Kropik Scholarship. An attendee of Iowa State University and an active CSA member, Emily is a role model for our youth and is certainly deserving of recognition.

  • Fraternalist of the Year

    Having started in 1985, this is the 34th year we honor a CSA member who has gone above and beyond to exhibit Equality, Harmony, and Fraternity.

    On Saturday evening, August 3, 2019, Sis. Anna Ramirez of Lodge Woodrow Wilson No. 377, was named the Fraternalist of the Year from 2018-2019 at the Get-Together banquet in Cedar Rapids, IA. Our Fraternalist is a longtime member and has remained active in both her Lodge and District level. Anna attends lodge meetings regularly, attends fraternal events such as Join Hands Day, the Lidice Commemoration Day service in Crest Hill, Sokol Spirit Trivia Nights, and summertime Czech picnics. She contributed generously to the lodge Holiday Toy Drive for children in need, the Share Food Share Love food pantry, and the lodge holiday craft night, where the trinkets are donated to the Tabor Hills retirement community. She also volunteer for Northern Illinois Greater Food Depository, Feed My Starving Children, and Mutual Ground, a domestic violence victim's shelter. Additionally, she regularly contribute to the lodge's social media presence by documenting lodge activities on the group's Facebook page, including photographs of CSA events attended. Anna has joined the Czech Genealogy Society and the Bohemian Garden Club. She knows the importance of combining attendance of both youth and adults at events, enriching experiences for all. She recently made a generous contribution to St. Baldrick's for curing childhood cancers.

    A $100 gift will be donated to Anna's favorite charity in her name. This year, four total members were nominated for this prestigious award. We thank all active members for their continued good work.

  • Annual Get-Together

    The 83rd Annual CSA Get-Together was held at the Cedar Rapids Marriott in Iowa from August 2-4, 2019. Approximately 150 members and guests enjoyed a weekend of fraternal goodwill including a service project; a bus trip to downtown Cedar Rapids and the Czech Village; our annual Miss National CSA Contest held at the CSA Hall in Vining, IA; and social activities. Outings and trips are being planned for next year's 84th Annual Get-Together, which will be held in Clearwater Beach, FL. Start making plans to attend!

  • Bowl-o-Rama

    This youth activity is held on a Sunday morning in the spring, and run by local districts in areas of high member concentration. Bowling at the same time in several cities throughout the country, youth members, ages 5 to 17, compete against each other in several categories for prizes, though all bowlers receive a souvenir.

  • Photo Contest

    Members are encouraged to enter photos in the annual Photo Contest. The photos must be those they have taken themselves; no studio, professional, or re-touched photos. Cash Prizes are awarded in various categories and rankings. This year's Best of Contest winner is CSA member Alex Schulz of Lodge Rovnost #53. Congratulations, Alex!

  • Lodge Recognition

    A Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze Star certificate and monetary prize is rewarded to active lodges who meet various requirements for the year. Members can win this award by holding ethnic or youth activities, volunteering in various community programs, and attending educational and social activities.


    CSA SERVES is a lodge activity that encourages support for a local group or organization which fits the criterion of a common topic. The CSA SERVES project allows lodges across the country the option of selecting one or more charities or community agencies to devote their time and/or monetary donations.

    As has always been CSA's policy, any monetary donations made by a lodge are matched by 50% as well as $2.50 per volunteer hour.

    In the past, lodges have chosen Food Pantries, Helping our Military, donating to and volunteering at local schools and libraries, cleaning up parks, planting flowers, trees and many other good works benefiting their neighborhoods, churches and schools.

    CSA is proud of the dedication of its members and equally proud to partner with them in their efforts.

  • National Sports Tournaments

    National adult member tournaments are held for bowling and golf in different cities each year. Local committees make all arrangements while District Sports committees handle registration. Prizes and souvenirs are awarded.

  • Join Hands Day

    JOIN HANDS DAY, usually held in May of each year, is the only national volunteer day that specifically targets and develops relationships between young people and adults through neighborhood volunteering. Youths and adults work together on an equal basis to plan, organize and implement the day's activities. Building relationships across generations restores confidence, trust and respect for each other and creates a sense of community.

    JOIN HANDS DAY is a program of the American Fraternal Alliance. The 124-year-old organization unites 70 not-for-profit fraternal benefit societies that operate in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Canada.

  • 50 and 75-Year Pin Program

    Long-term membership is recognized and often awarded in lodge-sponsored pin ceremonies. Fifty and seventy-five year pins are available from the Home Office. Contact us for details.

  • The Journal

    The CSA Journal is a free monthly magazine that keeps members up to date on events within the Society. The Journal is also a forum to talk about new products and features seasonal articles on ethnic traditions and other activities. Many articles are submitted by lodge members. To see the current issue of the Journal, click here.


The Czechoslovak Heritage Museum, located in CSA's former Home Office in Oak Brook, Illinois is now closed. The Museum Board of Directors is working hard to find a permanent new home for the museum. Assistance with genealogy questions and searches can be found at the Paul M. Nemecek Library housed in the historic Thomas G. Masaryk School in Cicero, Illinois. This library has become a valuable resource for information on language, customs, art, traditions and history.

For information on hours of operation or to make an appointment, call 630-906-8175.

Sharing a common bond

CSA Fraternal Life (formerly known as Czechoslovak Society of America) is America's oldest Fraternal Benefit Society. Fraternal societies are defined by elements of purpose, harmony and community. We add value to our products and services through membership in a lodge system that encourages member benefits and programs focused on family values and community involvement.

With sincere appreciation for the dedication of our founding Czech and Slovak ancestors, our obligation to fulfill this social responsibility and adhere to our business strategy includes a commitment to service excellence, courtesy, compassion and professionalism. Steady growth in a competitive insurance market is critical to our member benefits and programs - a loyalty that supports our fraternal heritage and sense of volunteerism throughout our communities.

Founded as an 'Ethnic' fraternal society, our membership is open to all individuals of good character that share a common value system and support our fraternal heritage. CSA Fraternal Life embraces the opportunity to share our Czech and Slovak heritage with members of all ethnic backgrounds to carry our message of equality, fraternity and harmony into the 21st century. Our roots are deep; our fraternalism should have no limits or borders.

CSA Fraternal Life is proud of our commitment to equality, fraternity and harmony. To learn more, please call us toll-free at 1-800-LIFE-CSA (543-3272) or contact a local CSA agent or representative.