America's Oldest Fraternal Benefit Society!

CSA Fraternal Life (formerly the Czechoslovak Society of America) is America’s oldest Fraternal Benefit Society, founded in 1854 in St Louis Missouri, by Czechoslovak immigrants who wanted to provide security for their widows and children upon their death. While there remains a strong connection to those Czech and Slovak roots, as a general fraternal society, membership is open to all individuals of good character that share a common value system and meet our underwriting requirements.

Our History

On an unusually warm day of March 4th 1854, 29 Czech immigrant men met in the back room of Jacob Mottl's tavern in St. Louis, Missouri. They felt a need for mutual support in times of sickness and a way to provide for widows and children. They also wanted some suitable social activity and a gathering place to discuss their problems.

These men formed a mutual benefit society to gain security and to make sure that if one of them died, the funeral would be paid for by the society, and the wife and children would be helped by the members in their immediate needs. This organization, the Czecho-Slovak Protective Society (CSPS), laid the groundwork for a modern fraternal in this country, which served as a model for many other fraternal benefit societies in America organized in later years.

In 1861, the Society had 96 members, twenty-three of whom volunteered to defend the Union in the Civil War.

By 1932, there were many Czech fraternals across the country. On January 1, 1933, the parent body of the CSPS was joined by four others: the Society of Taborites; the Bohemian-Slavonic Fraternal Benefit Union; the Bohemian-Slavonic Union; and the Bohemian American Foresters. At this time the Czecho-Slovak Protective Society adopted a new name, Czechoslovak Society of America, and maintained the original Charter of the CSPS thus continuing as the oldest fraternal benefit society in the United States.

In 1982, the Czechoslovak Society of America adopted a new name, CSA Fraternal Life.

In 1995 CSA Fraternal Life relocated to Oak Brook Illinois.

In 2013 CSA Fraternal Life relocated to Lombard Illinois.

CSA Fraternal Life is proud of the legacy left to us by the pioneers of mid-western America and proud of our work to carry our inheritance into the 21st century.

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